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Cole. Dot.

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breezygangg: I went to the D&AD show, the Raleigh show on The 19th it was my birthday too 😛 the show was fucking wonderful‼️‼️‼️‼️ like no exaggeration🙅 it was everything. Minus me standing on my feet for 15 hours that day. It was everything because after the 2nd show I met J Cole himself and he signed my $1 bill and my phone case😛😛😩 I cried so hard when he told me happy birthday😊😊 but yes it was good af

Awwww 😁.. that is sweet! Not only did you have what sounds like a great birthday but Cole signed your dollar and your phone case! Ugh 😪 that man is just too amazing for words.

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theattractiveboys: I went to the NYC show. And I stood in the pouring rain and heat to see him. I was lucky to even get in the first show. Thousands came out, lines were wrapped around the block twice and there was only two shows. It was all worth it tho. His new signee on dreamville named cozz was so cool. After he performed he was in the crowd getting drinks like everybody else lol. He was talking to me and my friends for a little while and even hugged my friend when she was crying because j. Cole came out lol

Wow! You stood in the rain? That’s dedication right there! I really find it amazing how much Cole loves his fans and vise versa. It’s a beautiful thing.

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J. Cole x Kendrick Lamar

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Cole x Dollar and a Dream Tour LA

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Real shit.

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